Tackle organisation can get out of control, fast. So, at Plano, we have made sure that every single hook, lure, soft plastic, sinker, ring and accessory has a designated place. Plano’s range of utility boxes have been designed so that whatever new product gets released on the tackle market, there is an affordable, tailored, and durable box for it to live in. Our innovative line of utility boxes comes in dozens of configurations, sizes and depths, all whilst falling into a set of four standardised dimensions so you can fit and store your tackle the same way, every time you hit the water.  Whether it be a raft of barramundi lures, a range of flathead soft plastics, spools of leader, or your phone, camera and wallet – there is a utility box suited to your needs.


Designed in partnership with industry leader Armor Protective Packaging, Rusticator utility boxes surround your gear with 360 degrees of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI). These cases fight back at rust and corrosion and keeps your expensive fishing tackle clean and pristine. When you use the Rustrictor Range of Stowaway Boxes, you know that they have infused the entire box with leading rust preventative technology. 



Plano’s range of Stowaway utility boxes are the staple piece to any fishing tackle collection. With boxes designed for lures, leaders, hooks, utensils, and even reels, the Stowaway series offers a versatile and expansive range of storage systems to suit any type of fishing you do. Falling within a standardized set of four dimensions: 3700 Series, 3600 Series, 3500 Series and 3400 Series – the Stowaway series can be mixed and matched depending on how you want to utilize them. All boxes feature Plano’s Pro Latch technology, which allows for a positive locking system, meaning that the storage units do not rely on a clamping force to apply the locking and can withstand vibrations or movement in transit. 



Plano’s storage systems do not limit themselves to conventional tackle. Their range of Speciality Utility Boxes means that all those miscellaneous items that fisho’s tend to need – Leader, Floats, Boat Accessories, Tools – are still able to be stored safely in a durable and practical storage system.