Plano’s range of soft tackle bags are designed and tailored to suit the vast array of harsh and testing environments that Aussie anglers find themselves fishing in. Whether it be walking the bank in the pouring rain chasing bass, casting off a sandy beach for a mulloway, or simply soaking up the sun in the boat, this range of storage options has something to suit your needs. Plano’s soft tackle bags are designed to allow the angler to move around, without having to leave any tackle behind. Whether it be over the shoulder, on the back, or around the waist, this range is the perfect solution to that travelling angler who can’t decide what fish they want to chase next.


The Plano Z-Series provides dependable tackle storage built for the toughest conditions. The zipperless design eliminates the frustration of fumbling with zippers to access, lures, tackle or gear. Z-Series is built to be the ultimate saltwater tackle solution and combines a tough waterproof base, PVC coated fabric to shed water and tight sealing openings to keep your gear safe and protected.



Most anglers work hard all week. Days off, and more important days out fishing are why most of us work in the first place. Weekend anglers deserve the same quality and organization as professional anglers that can hit the water every day. The Plano Weekend Series was designed for the serious angler that wants to make the most of their quality fishing time.