In 1952, Warren ‘Pete’ Henning returned from a fishing trip with the desire to improve the ‘tackle box’. Tired of bulky metal boxes that rusted quickly and a lack of organisation in his boat, Pete set out to create a lighter, more logical rust-proof product that could withstand modern fishing tackle and the brutality of the saltwater environment. His design idea was simple – replace metal with plastic and give the angler options which reduced weight while still providing durable, versatile storage. This re-envisioned concept also removed the possibility of rust, since plastic resists water and rust formation. One simple yet revolutionary idea changed the entire fishing industry, and has become the standard in modern tackle boxes everywhere today.

But this was just the beginning for Plano. For the next seven decades, Plano would take it upon themselves to ensure outdoor enthusiasts, fisherman and professionals have modern storage solutions to match whatever the tackle industry throws at them. As more and more people began to find new and exciting ways to fuel their passion on the water, Plano found more and more storage solutions to match their needs. Following seven decades of perfecting their craft, Plano had positioned themselves one step in front of the industry, making sure that any newly released products that hit the tackle scene, was matched with a suitable, affordable, and effective storage solution.

That innovative spirit continues through the advanced styling and technology of their product designs today, with added assurance of knowing that they will always retain their roots with the tried-and-true moulded plastic products that worked in 1952. Nowadays, Plano are the leading name in fishing storage systems. With warehouses full of injected moulding machines, and best in class inventory management systems, Plano is equipped with some of the leading technology in the plastic moulding industry.

Anglers are expert hoarders. When you add up all the little bits and pieces you’ve accumulated over the years it can be quite an overwhelming amount of paraphernalia – from tiny lures, through to your most values rods and reels. Given that you have a few dollars locked up in your fishing tackle, it makes sense to lock that fishing tackle up with Plano. Trust us to PROTECT YOUR PASSION.